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    A small village in the Bavarian district of Oberbayern called Schliersee is home to the German whiskey distillery Slyrs. The Stetter family, who also runs a distillery and previously distilled Slyrs whisky, is responsible for the distillery.
    One of Slyrs' managing directors, Andrea Stetter, claims the whiskey is fundamentally different from Scotch, has a smooth, fruity flavor and might be drunk once it's three years old. The name Slyrs comes from the old Bavarian word Slyrse for the Schliersee and the associated monastery.

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    Description of the Slyrs distillery

    The Slyrs Distillery is one of the most famous whiskey distilleries in Germany and is located on Lake Schliersee. It takes its name from the previous nickname for the area. His view of Slyrs whisky, which was first produced in 1999 on the stills of the traditional Lantenhammer distillery, is just as peculiar as his view of Bavarian lederhosen. In 2007 the Slyrs Distillery was built in Neuhaus. The diverse Slyrs whiskeys that together make up their Slyrs clan are made in Bavaria. The experienced Slyrs distillers work there every day to produce first-class Bavarian single malt whiskeys and whiskey liqueurs with great sensitivity, love for the product and innovation. The Slyrs clan not only impresses connoisseurs worldwide with its unique diversity, quality and character. The basis of every malt whiskey consists of barley. For their Slyrs they use two-row summer barley. It gradually matures on the fertile soil of the Franconian Jura in Northern Bavaria. The Munich region also offers it in the highest quality. After careful malting in a unique malt house, it is gently dried (kilned). This gives the Slyrs the usual, pleasantly spicy smoke aroma. The mountain spring water that is also used and the aromatic mountain air ensure the typical Bavarian taste. The water used affects the quality of the whiskey. Slyrs is very fortunate to have the finest, most mineral-rich mountain spring water almost in front of the distillery. The Bannwald spring in the Schlierseer Alps supplies the water for Slyrs. The unmistakable taste of this Bavarian single malt whiskey is inextricably linked to its purity and excellence. The fermentation process is the starting point for both the production of alcohol and the variety of flavors in Slyrs whiskies. The multi-day fermentation process for the specially developed Slyrs takes time. Slyrs uses unique whiskey yeasts in addition to a temperature controlled fermentation process to maintain the signature Slyrs flavor profile. Hardwood cask selection has a significant impact on how a whiskey ages. At Slyrs, only high-quality American white oak barrels from the barrel manufacturer "World Cooperage" are used. The Slyrs have a nice scent thanks to the white oak wood. Another subtlety is the thin layer of charcoal that forms after the barrels burn out. A proportion of these whiskeys are poured into well-travelled casks such as the Bodegas Tradición / Jerez after three to six years of maturation for a distinctive finish. This is how noble rarities are created according to personal taste. Incidentally, the Slyrs Aged 12 Years, their pride and joy, matures in authentic barrels from their own house. Aged in American white oak casks, Slyrs Mountain Edition enjoys the mountain air at our high altitude camp atop Mount Stumpling.

    Historical background of the Slyrs Distillery

    In 1994 Florian Stettler traveled to Scotland for study purposes and found that the landscape and the fresh air there are very similar to his home in Schliersee in Bavaria. So why not make whiskey in Bavaria? The strategy was completed with a bet on a crate of beer with his travel partner. He quickly distilled the mash he received from the Miesbacher Hopf brewery at his place of residence in the fruit kettles of the Lantenhammer distillery, which his family had run for many years. Because batches were so small to begin with, each release of the whiskey quickly sold out (which is still the case for most bottlings to this day). The great success confirmed Florian Stetter's hypothesis and in 2006 a brand new distillery for Slyrs whiskey was built, where mashing and double pot still distillation are now carried out on site. For health reasons, the dedicated whiskey pioneer had to hand over management of the distillery to his brother Anton Stetter in 2007. Together with managing director Thomas Flothman and master distiller Hans Kemenater, Anton Stetter is continuing the success story of Slyrs.

    Slyrs Single Malt Whisky

    German whiskey distillation only began in the last 30 years, making it a comparatively recent invention. There are currently around 23 distilleries in Germany that produce whiskey. The first single malt whiskey from Bavaria is called Slyrs. It is also the largest whiskey distillery in Germany, built on the banks of Lake Schliersee. The Slyrs whiskey has 43% vol. and is about three years old. The whiskey has been matured in American oak and is only available in small quantities. It is packaged in an off-white box and the label on the bottle is written in both English and German. The bottle contains no age restriction. Tasting notes Yellow gold in colour, it reminds me of the golden autumn leaves. Nose: Aromatic citrus notes are present with hints of wood and spices. Alcohol fumes can also be detected in the nose. Probably best to give him some air to breathe. Palate: On the palate it tastes rather light. It's not a spicy whisky. Citrus fruits return in the tasting along with undertones of vanilla, caramel and oak. However, the citrus fruits become a little overpowering, morphing into bitter citrus with notes of pepper and ginger.

    reviews from customers

    This distillery has a lot of potential so I will keep an eye out for future releases. I'll give this whiskey one more chance. It's not bad for a 3 year old. According to the Slyrs website, you should try Slyrs with 70% dark chocolate. It went great with a 60% Lindt Lindor chocolate which I tried. Some of the edges have been softened and the citrus has been softened by the chocolate. The caramel flavor of the chocolate was enhanced by the whiskey. You should try this combination. Collecting whiskeys from different parts of the world often results in a gem. If you can overlook the age of three years, the purchase is worthwhile. The Montagnolo Affine Cheese and the Slyrs made a wonderful combination.

    Slyr's Mountain Edition

    The Slyrs Distillery obtains its annual whiskey from the Slyrs Mountain Edition, a jewel that matures to perfection there while breathing the purest Bavarian mountain air at 1501 meters on the Stümpfling. On May 1st, Whisky, das Bayerisches Hochland appears in two different guises with 45.0 and 50.0% alcohol by volume. On May 1st there will be a hearty morning pint at Slyrs Coffee & Lunches with white sausage breakfast, cod and live music to celebrate the start of the Mountain Edition. There are two versions of the annual Mountain Edition: one with 45.0% vol. in a beautiful panorama box. In addition "Rotwand", a special 50.0% vol. strong bottling. In the special edition, a different peak from the neighboring mountains is honored every year. The Croda Rossa, the model of the namesake in 2022, with elaborately worked real stone labels and limited to 1884 bottles - one bottle per meter of altitude - for a real alpine feeling.

    Slyr's 12

    The first and only Upper Bavarian single malt whiskey has been produced in the Slyrs distillery since 1999 using the traditional coarse and fine distilling process. A vintage brandy is created from barley malt and mountain spring water, which after maturing in new oak barrels with a capacity of 225 liters is only bottled in a few bottles. Schliersee is a pseudo-Gaelic corruption of the name "Slyrs". The Slyrs matures for 12 years in American white oak barrels. During the extended storage and maturing period, it was able to optimally develop its complex aromas. Tasting Notes Colour: medium gold. Nose: vanilla, bachrum, orange peel, bitter almonds, caramel, toffee, cinnamon, dried apricots, honey, subtle smoky notes, wet oak. Palate: Creamy, silky, sweet, warm, vanilla, caramel, honey, spicy oak. Finish: Long lasting, complex.

    Slyr's 51

    Only malting barley from northern Bavaria was used for Slyrs, which was processed into malt on the company premises under the supervision of the laboratory. After the first distillation, a raw brandy with 30% alcohol content is created, after the second a quality brandy with about 70% alcohol content. Then 225 liter North American white oak casks are used to store this premium whiskey. The Porz finish is then malted under the supervision of the in-house laboratory. In this case, the extraordinary taste and aroma profile is guaranteed by the refinement in port wine, sherry and Sauternes casks. There is a 51% volume fill and no added coloring or chill filtration. Tasting notes Nose: Dark wood with malted barley and a strong attack Palate: Aromatic malty with a complex aroma, vanilla and hay Finish: Intense and long with spicy-malty notes

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