Collection: Whisky Tasting

Our whiskey tastings take place in the Galappmühle conference center in Kaiserslautern (Rhineland Palatinate). All take place in small groups with a maximum of 25 whiskey friends. Parking is available in the immediate vicinity. Look forward to an evening in a rustic atmosphere. We present you with background information about the distilleries and the whiskeys that we taste. The 2 cl drams come with bread, pretzels and water. We look forward to you!

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  • Quaint atmosphere

    We arrange our tastings in a conference center in Kaiserslautern. We really like the rustic atmosphere.

  • parking facilities

    Parking is available on site.
    Depending on the number of participants, we choose the conference room.

  • Lineup

    We always offer themed tastings with 5-7 drams of 2cl each in a stylish tasting glass. Small snacks such as bread, pretzels and water are also included.

Cross tasting on 31.3. in Weilerbach at Unique Furniture

Bourbon and Pretzels Tasting on February 27th. in the gallop mill