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Stauning distillery is one of the leading whiskey producers in Denmark and produces a significant amount of whiskey every year. The distillery has a focus on local raw materials and traditional craftsmanship. As a result, production varies from year to year, depending on factors such as ingredient availability and the weather.

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History of the amazement distillery

Stauning Distillery, one of Denmark's leading distilleries, has a long and eventful history. The distillery was founded in 2005 by nine Danish friends who shared a common passion for whiskey and craftsmanship. The group faced a major challenge - there was no long tradition of Danish whiskeys like those found in other parts of Europe and North America.

Undeterred by the lack of tradition, the distillery began to develop innovative methods of making whiskey that made the most of Danish ingredients and the Nordic environment. The distillery only uses local ingredients such as Danish barley, rye and water from nearby Himmelbjerget. In addition, it uses a unique maturation method in which the barrels are stored outdoors and exposed to various weather conditions.

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    1. The Stauning distillery from the outside. 1.2

Production of the amazement distillery

Stauning Distillery, founded in 2005 by farmers and friends Niels Bank Fowler, Henrik Brinks and Alex Munch, has achieved an impressive amount of production in recent years. The distillery, which relies exclusively on local raw materials, produces around 100,000 bottles of whiskey annually, which are exported to over 20 countries worldwide.

Stauning Distillery's production facility includes a 600 liter pot still distillation facility, also known as a hybrid facility, to achieve a wider range of flavors. In combination with three small fermenters with a total capacity of 9,000 liters, the distillery creates optimal conditions for high-quality whiskey production.

  • Stauning stills.

  • Barrel storage of the Stauning distillery.

Other interesting facts about the amazement distillery

Stauning Distillery has a fascinating history that dates back to 2005, when a group of Danish friends decided to realize a shared dream and open a small whiskey distillery in southern Jutland.

In 2006 the distillery was founded and began producing whiskey. Through hard work and commitment, the founders managed to produce excellent whiskeys that soon gained an excellent reputation.

In 2010 the distillery received the "Distillery of the Year" award at the World Whiskeys Awards, which brought it international recognition.

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  • Stauning peat.

Location of the amazement distillery