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The Raasay distillery is a comparatively young distillery that started production in 2017. However, the history of the distillery goes far back into the past. There was already an illegal distillery on the island of Raasay in the 19th century, but it was closed again after a short time. It was only decades later that Scottish whiskey expert Bill Dobbie discovered the island's potential and began planning a new distillery.

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History of the Raasay distillery

The history of the Raasay Distillery dates back to the 19th century, when the distillery was founded on the Scottish island of Raasay. Despite its original size and popularity, the distillery struggled to maintain production and eventually closed in 1920.

In 2009 the distillery was revived when an investor had the idea of ​​building a distillery on Raasay. After years of planning and construction, the Raasay Distillery opened in 2017.

The distillery produces whiskey made from local barley and spring water. The unique climate and geographical location of the island ensure that the whiskey on Raasay has a very special taste and character.

  • Young Highland calf in front of the Raasay distillery.

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Production of the Raasay distillery

In terms of production volume, the distillery produced approximately 150,000 liters of spirit in its first year. The plan is currently to increase production to around 200,000 liters per year in the coming years.

It's worth noting that the distillery produces its whiskey in small batches to achieve a higher standard of quality. Each batch is carefully monitored and analyzed to ensure it meets the distillery's requirements.

The Raasay Distillery is committed to establishing itself as one of Scotland's leading whiskey distilleries and impresses with its careful approach to production. It remains to be seen how their production volume will develop in the future.

  • The stills from the Raasay distillery.

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Other interesting facts about the Raasay distillery

As far as the special features of the Raasay distillery are concerned, there are a few to mention. On the one hand, it is the location that defines the distillery. The Isle of Raasay is one of Scotland's smallest islands and lies between the Isle of Skye and the mainland. The climatic interaction of wind and sea creates particularly characterful whiskeys here.

The distillery itself is architecturally remarkable as it has a modern design and blends into the landscape in an innovative way. Particularly striking is the tower, which serves as a viewing platform and offers unique views of the Hebrides and the Cuillin Hills.

  • The Raasay distillery from the side.

  • Isle of Raasay from the air.

Location of the Raasay distillery