Collection: Glen Scotia

Glen Scotia Distillery produces single malt Scotch whiskey and is sometimes referred to as The Scotia or Old Scotia. In Campbeltown, the smallest whiskey district, there are only three distilleries left.
Glen Scotia Distillery was founded in 1832 and has been in business ever since. The distillery has a remarkable history and is based in Campbeltown, one of Scotland's five designated whiskey producing regions.
On the west coast of Scotland, in a small village called Campbeltown, on the Kintyre peninsula. Jokingly referred to as the 'Wee Toon', it is the world center of Victorian whiskey production. At its heyday in the 18th century, there were 21 distilleries in this small town, with around 170 distilleries operating in Britain at the time. Glen Scotia, Springbank and Glengyle are the 3 distilleries in Campbeltown that are still in operation. These distilleries offer a remarkable insight into the development of whiskey production in this remote but once thriving Scottish whiskey producing region.

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