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With the production of the first spirits in 1985, the Hercynian distillery did not start making whiskey until 2002. To be more precise, in 2002 they filled the first casks with NEW MAKE SPIRIT. In 2005, the first Harz single malt whiskey was finally born, as the law requires whiskey to mature in wooden casks for at least 3 full years.

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History of the Elsburn (Hercynian) distillery

The history of the Hercynian Distillery dates back to 1985, when the first spirits were produced. However, the company only started producing whiskey in 2002, when the first barrels were filled with NEW MAKE SPIRIT. It then took another three years until the first Harz single malt whiskey saw the light of day in 2005. This point in time marked the birth of the whiskey manufacturer.

A crucial factor in the production of whiskey is barrel aging, which is required by law and must last at least three full years. During this period, the distillate matures in the barrel and develops its typical aromas and flavors that make the whiskey unmistakable.

Since then, the Hercynian distillery has developed into a significant producer of single malt whiskey in the region and is known for the high quality of its products. The whiskey is offered in limited editions and is very popular among connoisseurs and lovers worldwide.

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Production of the Elsburn (Hercynian) distillery

The Elsburn Distillery produces a wide range of high quality spirits that are highly valued both nationally and internationally. Together with its experienced team of master distillers and master distillers, the distillery works passionately to create exquisite creations that uniquely satisfy the tastes of its customers.

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Other interesting facts about the Elsburn (Hercynian) distillery

The raw materials used to produce the spirits are carefully selected and come from the region. These are then distilled and processed in modern facilities. The distillery places great emphasis on developing new and innovative products to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Production also involves great expertise in dealing with different aromas and flavors. The spirits are produced in limited editions to ensure consistently high quality.

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Location of the Elsburn (Hercynian) distillery