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Irish whiskey distillery Dingle Distillery was founded in 2012 and describes itself as an artisanal distillery. The distillery is housed in a former sawmill in Milltown, a Gaeltacht in South West Ireland, just outside Dingle. At the end of 2016, the first whiskeys produced and aged in the distillery were released. In addition to whiskey, the distillery also produces and sells Dingle vodka and Dingle gin.

The Dingle Distillery is known for producing malts in small batches and favoring short-term bottlings over longer-term ones. With her new single malt, she resists these tendencies and relies on a basic selection of whiskeys.

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History of the dingle distillery

The initiative to set up a distillery in Dingle came from the late Oliver Hughes, who was also co-founder of the Porterhouse brewing and restaurant group. The former Fitzgerald sawmill was converted for whiskey production in 2012 and opened on November 29th. The distillery created at least 25 jobs, with more expected with the opening of a visitor center.

The distillery's new copper stills were designed by John McDougall. The distillery announced it would double spirits production in 2018.

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Production of the dingle distillery

The Dingle distillery produces two barrels of whiskey a day using pot stills. The mild, cool climate in the region is optimal for whiskey production. According to Irish law, a spirit must be aged for at least three years to be called whiskey. Therefore, the Dingle distillery only brought its first whiskey onto the market at the end of 2016.

In addition to whiskey, the distillery also produces gin and vodka. Since 2017, 100,000 bottles of Dingle Gin have been sold annually. The first batch of whiskey was released in late 2016 and consisted of two triple-distilled whiskeys aged exclusively in bourbon barrels.

  • Inside the Dingle Distillery

  • Inside the Dingle Distillery

Other interesting facts about the dingle distillery

To attract investors, Dingle Distillery offered the first five hundred special casks to the "founding fathers" to be bottled from November 2017.

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Location of the dingle distillery