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    Irish whiskey distillery Dingle Distillery was founded in 2012 and describes itself as an artisanal distillery. The distillery is housed in a former sawmill in Milltown, a Gaeltacht in South West Ireland, just outside Dingle. At the end of 2016, the first whiskeys produced and aged in the distillery were released. In addition to whiskey, the distillery also produces and sells Dingle vodka and Dingle gin.

    The Dingle Distillery is known for producing malts in small batches and favoring short-term bottlings over longer-term ones. With her new single malt, she resists these tendencies and relies on a basic selection of whiskeys.

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    Dingle Single Cask
    Dingle Single Cask Rückseite
    Dingle 2014/2022 7 Years Single Cask 59.6% 0.7l
    Auf Lager (5)
    Dingle Fifth Single Pot Still Release
    Dingle Fifth Single Pot Still Release
    Dingle Fifth Single Pot Still Release 59.5% 0.7l
    Auf Lager (5)
    Dingle Single Malt CASK STRENGTH
    Dingle Single Malt Batch 6 CASK STRENGTH 60.4% 0.7l
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    Dingle Single Malt Irish Whiskey Batch No. #6
    Dingle Single Malt Irish Whiskey Batch No. #6 46.5% 0.7l

    Historical background

    Most Irish distilleries closed during a period of sharp decline in the Irish whiskey industry in the 20th century and in the 1970s those distilleries that still existed amalgamated under the control of Irish Distillers. Since then, however, the Irish whiskey industry has recovered, particularly after 2010, with changes in both production and ownership. There are currently sixteen operational distilleries in Ireland and numerous more are planned, whereas only two were operational in the 1980s. Dingle Distillery was Ireland's fifth distillery when it opened, joining New Midleton Distillery which produces Jameson, Powers and Paddy, Bushmills, Cooley and Kilbeggan, among others. The late Oliver Hughes, who was also a member of the Porterhouse Brewing and Restaurant Group, decided to open a distillery in Dingle. The Fitzgerald Sawmill site was converted into a whiskey manufacturing facility in 2012, which began operations on November 29th. The distillery reportedly employs at least 25 people and is expected to add more with the opening of a visitor center. John McDougall created the new copper stills used by the distillery. Dingle Distillery ran a promotion to attract investors, offering the first 500 "Founding Fathers" specialty casks, due to be ready for bottling in November 2017. According to the distillery, production of the spirit is to be doubled in 2018. In Dingle, where the moderately cool climate is said to be suitable for whiskey production, the distillery uses pot stills to produce two casks of whiskey a day. Irish law requires a spirit to mature for at least three years before it can be called whiskey. For this reason, the Dingle Distillery only released whiskey at the end of 2016. The distillery also has a distillery for making vodka and gin. As of 2017, Dingle Gin is sold in 100,000 bottles annually. Two triple-distilled whiskeys, aged only in bourbon casks, made up the first whiskey batch to be made and launched in late 2016. Dingle Post Still The fourth Single Pot Still released by Dingle Distillery is intended for whiskey connoisseurs who want to indulge in the potent richness and rousing spice that permeate this triple distilled single malt aged in Oloroso and Bourbon casks. With the titles of 'Whisky of the Year' and 'Best in Show by Country (Ireland)' at the 2021 London Spirits Competition, the exceptional Irish whiskey stole the show, taking first place single-handedly with 94 points and a gold medal. A rich palate and a long, silky finish follow the smooth and elegant nose with hints of ripe fruit. To fully appreciate the subtle nuances of the smooth chocolate flavor and rich spice aromas, we recommend drinking this liquid grain on its own. The special properties of this limited edition product work together to create an exceptional experience.

    Dingle Gin

    Dingle Original Gin is the result of extensive scientific and historical research and experimentation. Our goal was to produce a completely new type of gin that maintains the rich tradition of gin distillation while being innovative. This gin is commonly referred to as London Dry Gin, but its distinctive character and flavor are the result of our careful and innovative use of botanicals. This combination of flavors is macerated in spirit for 24 hours. After distillation, the distillate is passed through an aroma basket in the neck of the still. This process underscores the need to pay close attention to each element of our strategy throughout the distillation process. To convey a sense of the Kerry landscape, we use rowanberries from rowan, fuchsia, marsh myrtle, hawthorn and heather, among others. An unprecedented formula is used, which among other things is intended to convey a sense of origin and place. Using the cleanest water, sourced from our own well located 240 feet below the distillery, we reduce the spirit from 70% alcohol to 42.5% alcohol by volume. According to Peter Mosley, the signature Irish botanicals give the DOG a fabulously fresh, floral character that perfectly balances the traditional juniper. But to be perfectly honest, you have to try it. Dingle Original Gin is best enjoyed on large ice cubes with a fresh slice of orange and a few juniper berries on top. Tasting Notes On the nose it is clean and traditional with lots of lively juniper, pine and toasted notes. Plus, freshly cut angelica stalks give it a crisp floral brightness. Pretty traditional, but focused on those two notes. There are also undertones of mint, and a clean herbal complexity rounds out the flavor profile. One of the best noses I've seen so far in 2016. The juniper flavor on the palate is followed by a crisp floral/mid note with an almost fruity/jammy character, hints of blackberry jam, marmalade and chamomile, and then, all of a sudden, a very powerful peppermint note that adds a brilliant freshness and mentholated coolness that sets the tone penetrates the entire oral cavity. The flavor of Dingle Gin sits halfway between eucalyptus and mint, and nearing the end the flavor takes a sharp left turn with coriander, cubeb and an herbaceous richness. Medium-length finish with mainly mint/herbal notes. Gentle warmth at the back of the palate. The spirit is spicy, but not too thick or greasy. Although it is very thin, it has a strong taste power. Dingle Whiskey

    Dingle Distillery's highly anticipated Core Single Malt is finally here and it's here to stay. After years of development, this core single malt is a blend of malt whiskey aged in ex-bourbon and PX sherry casks. 61% PX Sherry, 39% Bourbon. Bottled at 46.3% without refrigeration. The individual casks that make up this whiskey take center stage at different points in time.

    lot 1

    In November 2016, Dingle Distillery launched their first whiskey. Two new whiskeys, Dingle Whiskey and Dingle Whiskey Cask Strength, were crafted in handcrafted copper stills and aged in bourbon casks to celebrate the centenary of the 1916 rebellion. They were presented in specially made bottles with paintings by Liam O'Neill. Vanilla, almonds and sweet cereal flavors were evident in Batch 1. The pure sweetness of marzipan, vanilla and hay is joined by a spicy dryness and beautiful undertones of aniseed and liquorice. Dingle Whiskey Cask Strength has just been awarded the gold medal at the Irish Whiskey Awards 2016.

    batch 2

    Dingle Single Malt Whiskey Batch 2 This Irish single malt whiskey was created by fusing carefully selected sherry and bourbon casks. It is an extremely rare and unique product in history. It dances through the palate, delicate, dry and flavored with citrus and muted vanilla notes. Its long, slow finish is of elegant complexity.

    Cask Strength Batch 2

    Matured in Bourbon, Oloroso and Pedro Ximinez casks before the ABV was lowered, the natural flavor of the single malt whiskey is reflected in this limited edition of our Batch No. 2 whiskeys bottled at cask strength. The meaning behind the 500 bottles pays homage to and represents the lives of our founding fathers around the world. Taste and aroma show the full range of this whiskey in this strength. Batch 3 This Irish single malt whiskey is a tiny piece of history, unique and rare. It was created through the marriage of carefully selected casks, both bourbon and port wine casks. Batch No. 3 is available in a limited quantity of 13,000 bottles at 46.5% and 500 bottles at cask strength. It combines port and bourbon casks. A burst of blue/black fruit on the nose combines with some delicate citrus zest notes for a tart, almost jam-like fruitiness in the flavor profile. The drink envelops the mouth like warm honey, and mixed berries and jam linger on the tongue. The limited edition of our batch no. 3 cask strength whiskeys captures the distinctive flavor of single malt whiskey matured in a blend of bourbon and port casks. The meaning of 500 bottles is a tribute to and a reflection of our founding fathers around the world. The flavor profile reveals the full extent of this whiskey at this strength.

    batch 4

    A full-bodied, delicately balanced blend of creamy vanilla sweetness from American oak and cooked citrus of peach and sultanas from the fortified wine casks is the product of the union of bourbon, sherry and port casks. This limited edition of our whiskey batch no. Bottled at cask strength, 4 captures the flavor of single malt whiskey aged in a blend of bourbon, sherry and port casks. The meaning of 500 bottles is a tribute to and a reflection of our founding fathers around the world. The flavor profile reveals the full range of this whiskey at this strength.

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