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Bruchladdich whisky

Bruichladdich has released a huge amount of whiskeys every year. Every single whiskey from Bruichladdich is not chill-filtered and contains no color enhancers. There is a wide range of flavor profiles, complex and available under the Bruichladdich label. View our collection of Bruichladdich whiskeys and choose the best. Bruichladdich makes an excellent Scotch that's easy to enjoy. In the past, Bruichladdich was referred to as "the" malt consumed by locals, which surprised many people because it wasn't peated. The Scotch collection consists of three different brands. One is Bruichladdich, which we are familiar with. The second is called Port Charlotte and the last is Octomore, a heavily peated Scotch single malt whiskey. It contains phenols of 157ppm or more and is considered the highest peated single whiskey in the world. Although the distillery primarily produces Scotch single malt whiskeys, they also produce handcrafted gin made from an intriguing array of botanicals.

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