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    One of the most remote Scottish whiskey distilleries in the world, Highland Park was founded in 1798 on the island of Orkney. The island's northern location provides access to the distinctive heather peat from the distillery's bog, water from the same spring that has supplied the distillery for more than 200 years, and a cool, maritime climate that allows the spirit to flourish in gently evolving in carefully selected oak casks to become the fabulously rich, complex whiskey consistently lauded by connoisseurs and experts.

    Highland Park is an honorable place. Each jar contains some elemental higher truth in some way. It has nothing to do with fads, fads or trending topics. There are no accelerated maturation programs or immature expressions of Highland Park. It's still made to the same exacting standards and with the same unwavering belief as it has always been.

    13 products
    Whitlaw 2013/2022
    Whitlaw 9 Years 2013/2022 Signatory Vintage 43.0% 0.7l
    Auf Lager (>6)
    Orkney (HP) 17 Jahre
    Orkney (HP) 17 Years Cask DRU17/A63#8 Signatory Vintage 55.6% 0.7l
    Auf Lager (3)
    Whitlaw 15 Jahre Ruby Port
    Whitlaw 15 Years Ruby Port Cask #800426 Part 10 TheCaskhound 50.6% 0.7l
    Auf Lager (>6)
    Duncan Taylor
    Highland Park 18 Jahre
    Duncan Taylor Highland Park 18 Years Cask #50171093 54.1% 0.7l
    Auf Lager (1)
    Highland Park
    17 Jahre The Dark
    Highland Park 17 Years The Dark 52.9% 0.7l
    Auf Lager (3)
    Highland Park The Light 17 Jahre
    Highland Park The Light 17 Years 52.9% 0.7l
    Auf Lager (6)
    Highland Park L.Mulligan Cask #5056 63.7% 0.7l
    Auf Lager (1)
    XOP Highland Park  21 Jahre
    Highland Park 1997/2019 21 Years Xtra Old Particular 51.9% 0.7l
    Auf Lager (1)
    Highland Park Viking Heart
    Highland Park Viking Heart 15 Years 44% 0.7l
    Highland Park
    Wings of the Eagle
    Highland Park Wings of the Eagle 16 Years 44.5% 0.7l
    Highland Park 1998
    Highland Park 1998/2011 40% 1.0l
    Highland Park 1994
    Highland Park 1994/2010 40% 0.7l

    Background Highland Park

    Highland Park has a long-standing culture that values ​​tradition over innovation and responsibility over management. That's not to say the distillery is stuck in the mud; on the contrary, innovation is only applied when it really benefits the whiskey and not, as is often the case, when it serves productivity or profitability. That strategy goes some way to explaining Highland Park's appeal, but there's a lot more to it than how the remote location of an illegal distillery became "The Best Spirit in the World." This recognition was no accident, but the result of an ongoing legacy of whiskey making dating back to Highland Park in 1798. Probably the most prestigious single malt in the world is Highland Park. Everyone knows that respect has to be earned. And that is exactly what Highland Park has achieved with more than 200 years of distilling experience, meticulous attention to detail and integrity. Since the Viking influence, the Orkney Islands are special because they have always been a very diverse place. The history of the Orkney Islands is not the history of Scotland. Highland Park is the pride of the Orcadians. The luscious, delicious depth of this exceptional single malt ignites the passion of single malt connoisseurs everywhere. Because of its harmony, personality and origins, it perfectly embodies everything that is fantastic about Scottish single malt whisky.

    The Highland Park whiskey making process

    The finest raw materials from the Orkney Islands are complemented by a thorough commitment to quality, which includes the use of conventional floor malting. Highland Park master distillers guard their trade secrets with great care. While many other distilleries have made hasty upgrades in recent years, Highland Park has steadfastly refused to compromise on quality for financial reasons. For 200 years, the distillation process has essentially not changed. With its floor maltings, the distillery makes malted barley the old-fashioned way. This enables precise control of the malt quality in the important time before mashing. The malt is dried in kilns using peat harvested from the Hobbister Distillery fields, which is young, rooty and pagan. This smoky blend of rich peat and heather gives the malt its distinctive flavor and aroma. The Cattie Maggie spring on which the distillery was built continues to supply water. The whiskey is then allowed to rest in oak casks for at least 12 years so that it can slowly absorb the salty air of Orcadia. Meticulous artisanal processing and adherence to ancient practices give Highland Park its distinctive, well-rounded flavor, characterized by a heather-honey sweetness and smooth, peaty smoke notes. Buying Highland Park Whiskey is available in various online shops.

    Highland Park 12

    In 2017, Highland Park's superb 12-year-old whiskey underwent a complete Viking makeover and was named Viking Soul. Despite the snazzy new logo and complementary subname (Viking Honour), Orcadia single malt Scotch whiskey is still as good as ever. tasting notes from Highland park12; Smell: Clean, fresh and incredibly fragrant. The senses are overwhelmed by floral aromas and a slight grassiness. Creamy notes of Manuka honey with hints of juicy citrus, balanced sweetness and creamy flavors. Palate: Pleasant depth and a little fullness. A grilled orange is hiding underground somewhere. Notes of jasmine infused green tea and grain toast, a touch of sweetness Finish: Long lasting with peppery spice and wood shavings.

    highland park 18

    In 2017, Highland Park's 18 Year Old received a facelift with a new sub-name "Viking Pride" and a getup influenced by the wood carvings of Urnes Stave Church. Rich, complex and incredibly good, Orkney Single Malt is still available. Their 18-year-old single malt currently sits at the forefront of Highland Park's core line, which was revamped last year. Although the Orkney Islands distillery produces previous flavors, these were not incorporated into the Viking-themed redesign. In a way, the 18-year-old embodies what Highland Park has achieved. There aren't many distilleries in the Scottish industry that focus on both sherry cask aging and peated malt aging, but Highland Park is one of them, and what they now call Viking Pride is an aged example . The whiskey is mostly matured in sherry casks, stored in European oak casks and lightly peated with Hobbister Moor peat. Viking Pride is bottled at 43% ABV.

    tasting notes

    Nose: Rich floral aromas including fresh blossoms and a delicious fruit salad. Exotic fruits with notes of honey and hints of botrytis. Creamy and filling on the palate, with fruit preserves and espresso, a creaminess with spice and cinnamon. There are toffee notes along with thick black forest honey and a hint more lemon. Finish: Long, well sweetened and herbaceous in taste.

    Highland Park 25

    Have you ever had a good whiskey? Then maybe now is your chance! This 25 year old Highland Park single malt is bottled at 45.7 ABV, which is slightly lower than previous 25 year old bottlings from the Orkney distillery. The whiskey used for the production previously matured in sherry and bourbon casks. He received a perfect score of 100 out of 100 at the 2013 Ultimate Spirits Challenge in New York. tasting notes; NOSE: Fruity, round, floral, apricots and ripe peaches (without water). This whiskey is initially mild. He mumbles rather than shouts. Delicious vanilla biscuit, you can also have a subjective sweetness as a result. Instead of the silky smoothness of many other whiskeys, this one is beautifully polished, like the finish of a Rolls Royce, if that makes sense. Some rums also have a youthful buzz that you've already discovered. It gets richer with water in the form of vanilla, pizza crust (funny enough) and bergamot black tea leaves. The explosion of dried fruit in the taste (raisins), water was necessary for it to really open up in fruitiness, vanilla and the presence of a distinct tobacco aroma. FINISH: Drying with a light peat undertone, of average length. After adding water, you get a vanilla cake here too.

    Highland Park dragon legend

    Dragon Legend is a significantly smokier than usual addition to the Highland Park line. It clearly shows peaty characteristics and also sweeter undertones from the sherry cask half of the expression. You'll find notes of rich vanilla cream with warm winter spices, the taste of sun-ripened lemons drizzled with sweet heather honey, and clouds of aromatic peat smoke. Its character is largely determined by slow aging in sherried European oak casks and a higher percentage of peated Orkney malt. Intense, smoky and rich, this whiskey pairs beautifully with lamb chops grilled with fresh mint or soft blue cheese.

    tasting notes

    Nose: Cut grass, roasted vanilla beans and hints of mulled wine. Palate: A robust core of pagan, earthy smoke emerges immediately, with peppercorns, meatloaf, and oily malt in its wake. Finish: Notes of dried citrus and roasted barley linger

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