The new Glen Scotia 48 years

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Glen Scotia 48 years

Glen Scotia 48 Year Old is a remarkable gem among Glen Scotia's single malt whiskeys. Originally bottled in December 1974, this exceptional distillate has passed through several generations of master distillers, who have repeatedly selected it and kept it in the cask for years to come. This makes the whiskey a time capsule that takes us back in time and tells the story of the Glen Scotia distillery in an impressive way.

Glen Scotia's master blender has chosen to enhance this rare and special release with a careful selection of sherry finishings. In doing so, he was inspired by the trade relations between Campbeltown and the Spanish bodegas, which traded thrived in the 18th and 19th centuries due to Campbeltown's favorable geographic location and port. The result is a classic Campbeltown single malt with a rich aroma and exquisite taste.

Glen Scotia 48 Year Old is presented in a handcrafted oak case inspired by the ornate Spanish azulejo tile designs once found in the bodegas and bars of Seville and throughout Spain and Portugal in the 18th and 19th centuries. Beneath the bottle rests another oak tile which bears a plaque with the individual bottle number, tasting notes and history of this incredible single malt whiskey. Each bottle is individually numbered by Glencairn and finished with gold metal decoration on the body and shoulder to complete the exceptional appearance. The heavy metal stopper completes the overall picture.

The Glen Scotia is characterized by an intense aroma of sweet citrus notes, pineapple, coastal salt, green herbs, bay leaf, nutmeg and cinnamon. On the palate it unfolds an elegant texture with layers of Demerara sugar and molasses sweetness. Notes of orange marmalade, red apple, raisins and sultanas, dried zest and cinnamon spice follow. The finish is long-lasting with melty brown sugar and stone fruit, apricot and peach.

The Glen Scotia 48 Year Old is a true rarity and an excellent addition to any whiskey collection. Its intriguing flavor and unique history make it a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is a stunning expression of Glen Scotia heritage and craftsmanship.

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Glen Scotia 48 years
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