Ardbeg Anamorphic from November 7th

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Ardbeg Anamorphic

The Ardbeg Anamorphic is a highly experimental bottling, created from a very unusual barrel processing process. The idea comes from Dr. Bill Lumsden , the Director for Distillation and Whiskey Creation at Ardbeg. Here, the barrel lids of classic ex-bourbon barrels were removed and deeply notched in order to expose a larger wooden surface to the fire. The subsequent burning to the “high mocha” grade gave the barrels new, very intense aromas for maturation into whiskey.

The Anamorphic offers a complex flavor profile that alternates between the four key elements of Ardbeg - sweet, smoked, herbal and spicy. The taste is intense, complex and multidimensional. There are notes of earthy peat, bittersweet mocha and fiery chili chocolate, which mix with chrysanthemum and jasmine aromas. The single malt whiskey takes Ardbeg into completely new spheres and impresses with its enigmatic packaging of secrets.

Ardbeg Distillery Manager Colin Gordon:

The striking design of the Ardbeg reflects the tasting notes and some of Ardbeg's characters in its illustration. The bottling is very strong at 48.2% alcohol and is only available online to members of the Ardbeg Committee and in the distillery shop on Islay while stocks last.

To become a member of this close-knit community and enjoy the exclusive bottling, we recommend registering for free on . The Ardbeg Anamorphic will be available in Germany and Austria from November 7, 2023 and is likely to delight whiskey lovers with its unique taste experience.

Front view: Ardbeg Anamorphic

Ardbeg Anamorphic
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