David C. Stewart is now an Honorary Ambassador for The Balvenie

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Kelsey McKechnie becomes sole malt master at The Balvenie

David C. Stewart and Kelsey McKechnie are important figures in the whiskey industry. David C. Stewart has been Malt Master at The Balvenie since 1974 and was recently appointed Honorary Ambassador to share his extensive knowledge and expertise within the industry. His sixty years of experience and expertise have helped The Balvenie become known worldwide for its award-winning whiskies. During his career he has pushed boundaries in whiskey production through innovations such as the DoubleWood, transforming the company into one of Scotland's leading distilleries.

Kelsey McKechnie , Stewart's protégé, follows in his footsteps and becomes Malt Master at The Balvenie. Since joining the company as a graduate in 2014, she has proven to be an excellent young talent. In just six years she climbed the career ladder and was appointed Joint Malt Master in October 2022. During her time at The Balvenie , she learned from Stewart and continued his legacy in the industry. She will now be solely responsible for production on Speyside and lead the company into a new era of whiskey making.

Stewart and McKechnie are both prominent figures in the whiskey industry. Their skills and passion will help ensure The Balvenie remains one of the top players in Scotland well into the future. Stewart will continue to share his passion and knowledge with others in the industry, while McKechnie will uphold Stewart's legacy by bringing innovation and technology to The Balvenie's future.

The Balvenie a Revelation of Cask and Character

The Balvenie a Revelation of Cask and Character
The Balvenie's limited-edition release, A Revelation of Cask and Character. Credit: The Balvenie/William Grant & Sons

The Balvenie a Revelation of Cask and Character is a new , limited edition from the renowned whiskey maker, designed by whiskey designer Kelsey McKechnie . As part of the Stories series, this single malt is presented as a 19-year-old whiskey matured entirely in ex-Oloroso casks and matured 100 percent in sherry casks for the first time.

This whiskey is intended to highlight the art of the cooper , which plays an important role both in the Jerez sherry region and in The Balvenie's own cooperage. The company currently employs 11 trained coopers and four trainees, with whom they maintain a cooperative working style that allows flexibility and innovation when experimenting with different barrels.

McKechnie emphasizes that the presence of the cooperage on site is crucial to the exceptional quality of the whiskeys. Thanks to the exclusive maturation in European Oloroso sherry casks, the whiskey has a deep spice and a rich taste of toffee and honey , which is rounded off by a roasted wood note.

The Balvenie a Revelation of Cask and Character is not only a tribute to the art of the cooper, but also a masterpiece by Kelsey McKechnie herself. With this whiskey, the designer has not only demonstrated her understanding of whiskey, but also of wood and its effects impressively demonstrated the maturation process.

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