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Nc'Nean was one of the first distilleries to be founded by a woman in almost 200 years when it was opened by Annabel Thomas in 2013. Annabel noticed that virtually all of the distilleries on the famous whiskey island of Islay used the same three components and used a lot of electricity. After her holiday on Islay, Annabel came to two important conclusions. First, the company was doomed unless it broke away from the older, male buyers. Second, there has to be a way to make distillation more environmentally friendly.

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History of the Nc'Nean distillery

The Nc'Nean Distillery is located in the picturesque Morvern region on the western side of mainland Scotland. It was founded in 2013 by Annabel Thomas, who previously had a successful career in the food industry. Their goal was to produce a sustainable and environmentally conscious whiskey while avoiding chemical additives and mass production.

The distillery is named after the Scottish Gaelic Princess Neachneohain, who was known for her independence and creativity. Similarly, Nc'Nean Distillery has established itself as a pioneer in the whiskey industry by utilizing innovative barrel aging methods and natural production processes. In 2017, the first whiskey from the Nc'Nean distillery was launched, which quickly gained attention due to its unique taste and high quality. The distillery has now received several awards, including the prestigious "The Spirits Business Sustainable Distillery of the Year" Award in 2020.

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Production of the Nc'Nean distillery

The Nc'Nean distillery, a young, independent and sustainable whiskey distillery, has been producing small quantities of exquisite, high-quality spirits since 2017. The distillery is located in a remote and natural valley on the west coast of Scotland, making it ideally positioned to take advantage of the surrounding natural resources.

Although the distillery is still relatively young, it has already achieved an impressive production volume. In 2020, Nc'Nean produced around 60,000 liters of whisky, which is small compared to Scotland's larger distilleries, but is testament to the quality and unique taste of their products. The distillery is working hard to increase its production capacity to meet increasing demand and has recently invested in new equipment and barrels.

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Other interesting facts about the Nc'Nean distillery

Nc'Nean relies on sustainable production and only uses regional raw materials to make their products. The distillery sources its water from a nearby river and works with local farmers to source organically grown grains. Production takes place in small batches to guarantee quality and taste.

Nc'Nean has already received numerous awards, including "Distillery of the Year" at the Icons of Whiskey Awards 2020. The distillery is led by a dedicated and innovative team who are constantly looking for new ways to improve their products while making them sustainable to promote practices. Nc'Nean Distillery's production volume will undoubtedly continue to grow in the future as the distillery produces its unique and exquisite spirits.

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Location of the Nc'Nean distillery