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The Hampden Estate distillery is one of the oldest and best known in Jamaica and has made a name for itself with its excellent rums. The distillery has existed since 1753 and has been producing high-quality rums by hand ever since. The quality achieved and the attention to detail make the company's products a coveted commodity.

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History of the Hampden Estate distillery

The history of the Hampden Estate Distillery is closely linked to the history of Jamaica. The distillery was founded in the 18th century and has had an eventful history since then. The plantation used to produce primarily sugar cane, but rum production began in the 1750s.

Over the years, the distillery became an important part of Jamaican culture and economy. For example, Hampden Estate was the first distillery to have its own distillation equipment, bringing a distinctive taste to the market.

During the colonial era, the distillery was owned by various families and companies before becoming the property of Evergreen Estate in the 2000s. Since then, significant investments have been made in the facility and operations to achieve higher quality and efficiency.

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Production of the Hampden Estate distillery

The different types of rum from the Hampden Estate distillery are characterized by their distinctive taste. They are all distilled in pot stills, which contributes to a complex flavor. Some of the distillery's standout brands include Hampden Estate Pure Single Jamaican Rum and Smith & Cross.

The Hampden Estate Pure Single Jamaican Rum is a premium rum made from 100% sugar cane molasses. It is distilled by hand and then matures in oak barrels for at least 7 years. The rum has a deep aroma of almond and vanilla, accompanied by notes of fruit, spice and oak. Smith & Cross Rum is known for its high ester content, which gives it an exceptionally strong and spicy taste. This makes it perfect for cocktails and long drinks.

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Other interesting facts about the Hampden Estate distillery

Today, Hampden Estate is known for its award-winning rums, which are enjoyed around the world. The distillery aims to preserve and further improve the Jamaican rum distilling tradition. By working closely with local farmers and using traditional methods and equipment, they ensure that the rum's characteristic taste and quality are preserved.

The distillery also relies on sustainable practices such as the use of renewable energy and the reuse of waste products.

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Location of the Hampden Estate distillery