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The history of the GenWyvis distillery reflects the development and tradition of the Scottish whiskey industry and testifies to the innovative strength and entrepreneurial spirit of the time. With a long and distinguished history, Glenwyvis remains an important part of Scottish culture and a major contributor to the Scottish whiskey industry.

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History of the GlenWyvis distillery

The history of the GenWyvis distillery dates back to the 19th century and is closely linked to the Scottish whiskey industry. The distillery was first founded in 1825 under the name Ferintosh and was owned by Duncan Forbes, a former Lord Advocate of Scotland. Ferintosh was one of the few legal distilleries during the period of illegal whiskey production in Scotland and was known for producing particularly high quality whiskey.

Over the years the distillery changed hands several times and was finally acquired in 1885 by Alexander Edward, an experienced master distiller and founder of the Benromach Distillery. Under his leadership the distillery was given the name Glenwyvis and became a successful supplier to the whiskey industry.

In the years that followed, Glenwyvis was known for its innovative methods of making whiskey. The distillery was one of the first to use steam engines to power the production facilities and had its own water sources, which were crucial to the production of high quality whiskey.

  • The GlenWyvis Distillery from the side.

  • The GlenWyvis distillery from above.

Production of the GlenWyvis distillery

The distillery is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including two copper pot stills with a capacity of 13,000 liters and a mash barrel with a capacity of 6 tons. The high-quality equipment and the master distiller's know-how ensure that GenWyvis' whiskeys are unique and of the highest quality.

Another factor that contributes to the high quality of the whiskeys is the careful selection of raw materials. The barley comes exclusively from the Scottish region of Morayshire and is supplied by the Rooted company in Moray. The water for production comes from the nearby Black Isle spring and is known for its sweetness and softness.

  • Stills from the GlenWyvis distillery.

  • Inside the GlenWyvis distillery.

Other interesting facts about the GlenWyvis distillery

The distillery was briefly shut down during the First World War, but was reopened in the 1920s with new technology and modern production methods. In the following decades the distillery changed hands several times and was finally taken over by the neighboring Glenmorangie distillery in 1960.

In recent years, the GenWyvis distillery has experienced a renaissance and was acquired by a group of investors under the name Glenwyvis Distillery Co. Ltd. reopened. Today the distillery is known for its high-quality and innovative whiskeys, which are produced in limited editions.

  • The view from the distillery.

  • GlenWyvis main building.

Location of the GlenWyvis distillery