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The history of Akkeshi Distillery dates back to the 1980's when an enthusiast named Keiichi Toita became interested in whisky. Inspired by Scottish whiskey production, Toita decided he wanted to set up his own distillery in Japan. Together with a team of experts, he set up the distillery in the small town of Akkeshi in northern Japan.

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History of the Akkeshi distillery

The history of the Japanese Akkeshi Distillery dates back to 2016, when the distillery was founded in the city of Akkeshi on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. The idea to build the distillery was initiated by a local businessman named Keiichi Toita and the famous whiskey master Koichi Inatomi.

The founding of Akkeshi was a very important step for the whiskey industry in Japan, as the country has been known for its high-quality whiskeys for many years. Akkeshi is one of the few distilleries in Japan able to use their own barrels and produce their own distillate.

The climate in Akkeshi is similar to that of Scotland, which is ideal for the production of whiskey. The distillery has developed its own processes to create unique flavors based on the use of local ingredients and a unique distillation process.

  • The Akkeshi distillery from the air.

  • The Akkeshi distillery during sunset.

Production of the Akkeshi distillery

Since the launch of New Born, Akkeshi Distillery has continually expanded its production capacity and is constantly working to create new and innovative flavors. Additionally, they are committed to using sustainable methods to produce their whiskey and helping local communities by using local ingredients and resources.

With its focus on innovation and tradition, Akkeshi Distillery has become one of the leading whiskey distilleries in Japan and is valued by whiskey lovers and collectors around the world.

  • An Akkeshi still imported from Scotland.

  • A barrel of Akkeshi is labeled.

Other interesting facts about the Akkeshi distillery

The Akkeshi Distillery uses both imported and domestic barley and relies on typical Japanese production methods. The whiskey is stored in unusually large oak barrels to give the distillate enough time to develop the complex aromas and flavors. The distillery places particular emphasis on using local ingredients and supporting the Hokkaido region.

  • Barrels from the Akkeshi distillery

  • The sea near the Akkeshi distillery.

Location of the Akkeshi distillery