Ardbeg Smoketrails Côte Rôtie Edition

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Ardbeg Traveller's Exclusive Smoketrails Côte Rôtie Edition

The Ardbeg Smoketrails Côte Rôtie Edition is the second bottling in Ardbeg's Traveller's Exclusive range and will soon be available in many duty-free airports worldwide. Through his travels around the globe, Shortie, the most famous Ardbeg terrier, also came to the Rhône region in southern France, where he came across the coveted Côte-Rôtie red wine barrels. The use of these barrels gives this edition a special aroma with complex minerality, earthy and spicy notes.

The heart of the Ardbeg Smoketrails Côte Rôtie Edition matured in Côte Rôtie red wine barrels and was then blended with classic bourbon barrels. The result is a strong and full-bodied bottling with a distinctive character that Ardbeg fans all over the world appreciate.

This limited edition also showcases Ardbeg's ability to combine different cask types to create unique whiskeys with special flavors and aromas. The use of Côte-Rôtie red wine barrels is a rare and exclusive choice that gives this bottling an additional level of complexity.

Official tasting notes

Grilled artichoke, peppers and olive brine provide a spicy top note. A splash of water reveals sweetness of barley malt and subtle hints of camphor herb. Carbolic soap is immersed in a delicate fruitiness of smoked cranberry and blackcurrant. The sweetness continues in dark chocolate and soft fondant. Saltiness rises into a combination of crispy bacon rinds, tar and wood smoke.

Ardbeg Smoketrails Côte Rôtie Edition
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Ardbeg Smoketrails Collection

The Ardbeg Smoketrails Collection is an annual edition that features a unique recipe made from classic American oak barrels as well as hand-picked barrels from a special place. This special blend develops an extremely smoky yet extremely balanced aroma, which is popular with Ardbeg connoisseurs and lovers alike.

Due to its special exclusivity, the Ardbeg Smoketrails is a Traveler's Exclusive and can therefore only be purchased at international destinations. This bottling will be available in Great Britain from the day it is released, before gradually becoming available in other European countries. Asian and American fans can look forward to the Ardbeg Smoketrails from early 2024.

For particularly brave fans traveling as far as Islay , a small number of bottles will be available at the Ardbeg Distillery Visitor Centre. The Ardbeg Smoketrails Collection impresses with its intense smoke aroma and balanced taste, which is equally popular with connoisseurs and connoisseurs.

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