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Established in Scotland in 1985, Gordon & MacPhail is an independent bottler and distiller of Scotch whisky.
The distillery is still family-owned today. The distillery has been bottling single malt whiskeys for over 150 years and has meanwhile brought over 350 different whiskeys from over 70 different distilleries onto the market.
The best-known brands are Connoisseurs Choice, Generations, Rare Old, Sypeymalt, The MacPhail's Collection and many more.

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History of Independent Bottler Gordon & MacPhail

Gordon & MacPhail is an emerging Scottish wine and spirits retailer with a long and impressive history. In 1895, James Gordon and John Alexander MacPhail founded the company in Elgin, Scotland. Initially Gordon & MacPhail dealt primarily with tea and food, but the focus soon shifted to selling wine and spirits.

The company quickly made a name for itself as a retailer of fine Scottish whiskey. In 1930 the owners decided to expand the business by bottling their own whiskey. This move proved very successful and Gordon & MacPhail became the first independent bottler of whiskey in Scotland.

In the following years they carefully expanded their range of whiskeys by purchasing barrels from various distilleries and letting them mature in their warehouses. Today the company has one of the largest collections of single malt whiskeys in the world. Through their passion for this Scottish specialty, Gordon & MacPhail have been able to create a range of very rare, high quality whiskeys that are sought after by many collectors.

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Independent bottler products Gordon & MacPhail

Gordon & MacPhail offers a wide range of whiskeys carefully selected by experts. The products are available in different stages of aging, from young bottlings that have only been stored for a few years to so-called "rare vintage" whiskeys that have rested in barrels for decades. What is unique about Gordon & MacPhail is that the company also buys and bottles whiskey from other Scottish distilleries in order to offer a wider selection.

As a barrel dealer, Gordon & MacPhail also has a deep insight into whiskey production. The company offers barrel aging, where customers have the opportunity to purchase a barrel of whiskey and let it mature over several years. These individual whiskeys are exclusive and have a special value.

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Other things worth knowing about the independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail

The company is also known for its whiskey storage. Gordon & MacPhail's warehouses are located in Elgin, where the region's cool and humid air causes the whiskey to mature more slowly and develop more flavor. Some of the oldest whiskeys ever bottled come from the Gordon & MacPhail warehouses.

Gordon & MacPhail is a company known for its craftsmanship and commitment to quality and tradition. It is highly valued by whiskey connoisseurs around the world who want to enjoy the rich and complex flavors of the various whiskeys from Scotland.

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