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History of the Daftmill distillery

The Daftmill family farm has been home to the distillery for 6 generations, but it only came into ownership in 1984. Established as one of the newest and smallest distilleries in Scotland, they are proud to be one of the few distilleries based in the Lowlands today.

Along with Auchentoshan, Bladnoch and Glenkinchie they are one of only 4 producing distilleries in the Lowlands. They distilled their first whiskey on December 18, 2005. Their historic buildings, which have housed them for over 200 years, once served as an oat mill. Although the millstones were removed in the 1940s, they maintain the farm's history and pride in its traditional distillery.

  • The small Daftmill distillery from the outside.

  • The window front of the Daftmill distillery.

Production of the Daftmill distillery

The Daftmill Distillery has found a home in a historic stone farm building that once served as a mill. Apart from the stills and mash tun, which were made in Rothes, all parts of the distillery come from local craftsmen located within a 10 kilometer radius.

The water for whiskey production comes from a private spring on the property, and fermentation takes an unusually long time - between 96 and 104 hours. The stills have a volume of 2500 or 1500 liters. Different casks are used for storage, including sherry, bourbon and rum casks. The first bottling (Inaugural Release) with 500 bottles was released in May 2018

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Other interesting facts about the Daftmill distillery

The farm where Daftmill stands is crossed by the "Daft Burn", a stream that appears to flow up the mountain. The locals gave it this name because of its special character. When the mill was built on the site, it bore the name of the stream - "Daft Mill".

  • Daftmill barrels

  • Daftmill barrels

Location of the Daftmill distillery