The new Elements series from Laphroaig

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Laphroaig Elements L 1.0

Laphroaig's Elements Series is a unique experiment in whiskey making. The distillery has given its talented distilling team complete freedom to use new methods and techniques to enhance the taste and push the boundaries of traditional whiskey. The first release in this series is Elements 1.0, an Islay Premium Single Malt that impresses with its creative approach and experimental spirit.

One of the main features of the Elements series is the use of unconventional mixed sizes. Typically, Laphroaig uses two 5.5 ton mixing tanks to produce whiskey. For Elements they added an 8.5 ton mixing tank that was already in use before the 1990s. The result of this combination of 8.5 and 11 ton mixing containers is a mix of old and new styles, resulting in a taste that is unique.

Another feature that sets Elements apart from other Laphroaig whiskeys is the use of cloudy wort. While Laphroaig usually uses semi-cloudy wort for their bottlings, this time they have also used cloudy wort to enhance the smoky aromas and phenolic flavor while maintaining fruity notes.

The fermentation lasted 55 hours and was personally supervised by distillery manager Barry MacAffer. The result is a unique and experimental Laphroaig whiskey that reflects the distillery's creativity and innovation. Although Laphroaig has tried different cask finishes and aging methods in the past, the Elements Series is a challenge to see what else can be improved about the distillery to discover new flavors.

Elements 1.0's label was also carefully designed, taking inspiration from historical sketches showing the distillery's expansion plan in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The aromas of Elements 1.0 are characterized by a pleasant spiciness of paprika and pepper, sweet roasted pineapple and a pleasant note of licorice.

Laphroaig has long had an excellent reputation for producing exceptional whiskeys. The Elements Series is the perfect example of how the distillery continues to combine traditional methods with experimentation to achieve new, innovative flavors. The Elements series is a must-have for all whiskey lovers who are looking for new and unforgettable taste experiences.

Laphroaig Elements L 1.0
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