The new Ardbeg Anthology series

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Ardbeg Anthology Series: The Harpy's Tale

The first Arbeg in the Anthology series, The Harpy's Tale is a triumphant marriage of exquisite flavors and rich character. The bottling experienced 13 years of aging in rare Sauternes sweet wine casks combined with classic Ardbeg ex-bourbon casks. Complex and intriguing, this whiskey pays homage to the distillery's craftsmanship and care in selecting and processing quality casks.

The taste of this unique whiskey is characterized by rich, rising smoke, which is rounded off by the sweet nuances of the Sauternes casks, while retaining the typical Ardbeg character. The combination of these fine flavors results in a sensual experience that enchants the palate.

The historic inspiration of the name gives this bottling a special touch. Overall, this Ardbeg in the Anthology series is a masterpiece that showcases Ardbeg's excellence in crafting premium whiskey. This uncompromising whiskey will delight the most discerning palate and collector.

It is fitting, then, that the Ardbeg Anthology series includes a range of experimental single malts that showcase unusual and exceptional Ardbegs - each of them matured in casks entirely new to us.

Soon also available in our shop.

Ardbeg Anthology Series: The Harpy
Ardbeg Anthology Series: The Harpy's Tale

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