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Cascahuin Tequila Blanco Tahona 42% 0,7l

Cascahuin Tequila Blanco Tahona 42% 0,7l

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Cascahuin Tequila Blanco Tahona

Cascahuin Tequila Blanco Tahona is a unique product that benefits from a traditional artisanal method. Unlike other tequilas that are made using modern cellar technology, Cascahuin Tequila Blanco Tahona is made exclusively from agaves that are crushed using a stone mill made of volcanic rock after cooking. This technique is more labor-intensive, but it ensures an incomparable taste experience.

By grinding with the stone mill, the agave material is not only crushed but also squashed, which leads to a higher extraction of the juice. This enhances the taste of the agave and creates unique aromas that are characterized by lactic and mineral notes. The mineral nuances give the tequila an earthy note that harmonizes perfectly with the vegetal and spicy components of the drink.

The Cascahuin Tequila Blanco Tahona has a light, clear color and an alcohol content of 42%. The taste is characterized by agave, spices and a fruity note. The finish is mineral-earthy and vegetal, which gives the drink a special depth and complexity.

It is noteworthy that this traditional method of producing tequila is only practiced by a few family-run distilleries like Cascahuin. The Cascahuin Tequila Blanco Tahona is a proud example of the preservation and continuation of an original tradition, which is also reflected in the quality of the final product.


Axel Huhn, Wrangelstrasse 104, 10997 Berlin, Germany

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