• This is where the packaging takes place. Finished packages are temporarily stored in another room until they are picked up.

  • Here some shipping packaging is pre-glued and bottles are pre-scheduled.

  • Our dispatch table. Bubble wrap always to hand. As soon as there are alternatives, we will replace them with a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Packaging example Blanton's

Blanton's Bourbon places special demands on shipping packaging. We have been praised many times for our extra secure shipping packaging. Here is an example of how we ensure that the bottles reach you safely.


Blanton's is always a challenge to pack. They only have a very thin packaging and the horse on the cork likes to smash the lid.

Additional protection

Bubble wrap provides the extra protection you need.

protect horse

The horse is protected with foil and the lid remains open. This is the only way to remain unharmed on a long journey.


Another box

Now the Blanton's come in another cardboard box.

Fill the shipping carton

Both boxes are now placed in the shipping box and additionally protected with packing paper and packaging chips.


A really big investment of time that we are happy to accept. This is the only way to ensure that your package arrives safely.

environmental protection and waste prevention

We are aware that plastic packaging chips and bubble wrap have a very bad environmental record. To this end, we have taken the following measures:

  1. We get a lot of plastic packaging chips from our suppliers, which we don't dispose of but reuse.
  2. If we run out of packaging chips, we only buy 100% biodegradable chips made from corn starch.
  3. When transporting less fragile bottles that are already packed in tubes, we use packing paper for filling.
  4. In the case of very fragile bottles, which may also be transported by air freight, we unfortunately cannot do without bubble wrap made of plastic. The protection of the bottles must be guaranteed.
  5. We deliberately do not use boxes with our logo and do without an important marketing measure, as we use cardboard boxes from our suppliers again as far as possible.