Collection: Kilchoman - Uniquely Islay Series - An Samhradh 2023

The Single Cask Collection - Kilchoman - Uniquely Islay Series An Samhradh 2023 shows the diverse possibilities of the artisanal processes on site and stands for the outstanding cask management of Kilchoman. A special highlight is the 100% Islay Bourbon Single Cask: It is made from barley that comes only from the farm distillery Kilchoman. A premiere on the German market is the bottling with a finish of Champagne Blanc de Blanc Cask. The 100% Islay Armagnac Double Cask Finish is also a Kilchoman novelty - a malt made exclusively from their own barley and first aged in Bourbon casks before being finished in Armagnac Butt. Join us on the unique journey of individual single casks!

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Special features of the AN SAMHRADH 2023 series

Every year Kilchoman releases an exclusive series of single casks for the German market. This year it is the Kilchoman Uniquely Islay AN SAMHRADH series.

10 individual barrels were selected and bottled at barrel strength, of course not colored and not chill-filtered. Just the way we think whiskey should be. This year there are special highlights such as a Champagne finish or barrels made from 100% Islay barley.

We are excited!

Special features of the AN SAMHRADH 2023 series

TheKilchoman Distilleryis located in the northwest of the islandIslayand is the only distillery that is not located directly on the sea. Before the Abhainn Dearg distillery was founded in 2008, it was the westernmost distillery in Scotland. Kilchoman Distillery was founded in 2005 and was the first whiskey distillery to be established on Islay in 124 years. Production began in June 2005 and the first barrel was bottled on December 14, 2005. In September 2009, after a maturation period of three years, the distillery's first whiskey, the Inaugural Release, was brought onto the market. The first bottle sold fetched £5,400 at auction. The other bottles of the inaugural release also fetch high prices among collectors. Now discover the unique Kilchoman whiskey distillery and its sought-after bottles!

Other interesting facts about the Kilchoman distillery

Kilchoman - one of only six Scottish whiskey distilleries that malt their own barley to produce single malt whisky. The distillery grows its own barley but only uses it for its "100% Islay" whiskeys. The barley for their other bottlings is purchased from the Port Ellen malthouse. This allows them to retain the smoky flavor of their whiskey. The quality standards make producing your own barley unprofitable. Find out more about the unique taste of Kilchoman.

Bring Scottish traditions to life with our exclusive 100% Islay range. Our whiskey collection is produced exclusively at Kilchoman, from barley to bottle. We focus on old production methods where everything takes place in one place. Our barley is grown in harmony with the weather conditions, without pressure. As soon as the conditions are ideal, planting takes place. This way we can ensure that our barley grows perfectly. Our experienced employees closely monitor the harvest time. The peat, which is of great importance for whiskey production, is removed directly from our island and used to roast barley. At Kilchoman we have a conscious influence on the quality of our whiskeys. Be part of this traditional production and enjoy our unique whiskeys.